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Bath Salt Addiction Symptoms

Bath salts are basically a collection of synthetic designer medications. The full name derives from instances where the drugs were disguised as bath salts in clinical settings. The bath salts, powders, or crystals typically resemble Epsom salts, however differ chemically in many ways. They are generally marketed as alternative remedies, herbal products, or even cures for various medical ailments. These bath salts have become so popular that they can be found for purchase in grocery stores, pharmacies, online retailers, and even discount chain store brands.

It has become commonplace for those who suffer from addiction or paranoia to use bath salts to alleviate the symptoms of their conditions. The problem with this form of drug abuse is that users often do not realize they are doing so until it is too late. Many people believe that if they put bath salts in a bath or on a surface that they will not be noticed. However, that is not true. As the chemicals used in these drugs dissipate and the user takes them in their system, the illusion that was created to cover up the effects of the narcotics or other drugs in their bodies falls apart.

Many bath salts contain highly concentrated doses of phenylethylamine, a psychostimulant. This is a highly addictive stimulant that was originally developed as a veterinary cough suppressant. When abused, bath salts create a high potential for addiction; just as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines can cause physical dependency. Because the chemicals in these drugs cause the user to feel a general sense of euphoria, the user feels a heightened level of interest in all areas of their life, including their health.

When a bath salt user goes to bed, they may be sleeping through a tranquilizer being administered to them by an associate. During the day, the use of these drugs can lead to an enhanced state of brain activity, especially when compared to that of a person who has not ingested the highly concentrated bath salts. Some of the more common drugs that are in this highly concentrated form have names like superficially sweet fantasy, bath salts, and fantasazoid. Fantegrossi and synthetically manufactured cathinones are some of the most potent in the world.

In terms of long term effects, these highly concentrated bath salts can cause serious sleep deprivation for users and even result in delirium. The effects of stimulant drugs on the brain have been proven in many clinical trials. Unfortunately, most of these studies have been conducted on animals and have been unable to draw any conclusion regarding their effects on humans. While it is clear that bath salts can cause problems with sleep and can even result in death, there is still much that is not known about these highly potent drugs.

Some of the most dangerous bath salt stimulant drugs have no clearly defined effect and can even be fatal under certain circumstances. In terms of psychosis, bath salts intoxication is considered to be one of the most severe cases of psychosis that can lead to complete loss of mental function. This is because bath salts tend to increase a person’s dopamine level, which is often related to hallucinations. Although dopamine is believed to have a positive effect on curing psychosis, some argue that high levels of this substance can even increase the risk of psychosis in its worst manifestation.

Because of the psychosis associated with bath salts addiction, it is not uncommon for people suffering from this abuse to become highly paranoid and see things that aren’t actually there. This is often accompanied by delusions and hallucinations that are extremely dangerous and should immediately be looked at by a doctor. It is also important to note that because bath salt addiction symptoms tend to be more severe in people who have mental health problems, these types of problems should be taken very seriously. Psychosis is considered a valid concern when bath salt addiction is suspected.

These are only a few of the negative effects associated with bath salts, and there are many others that are equally as disturbing. Some of the other common effects include a severely reduced heart rate, hypertension, anxiety, confusion, depression, fainting, confusion, seizures, memory loss, blurred vision, nausea, sweating, high blood pressure, stroke, high blood sugar, ringing in the ears, stomach pain, and in some cases death. Because bath salts can cause these drastic side effects in just minutes after taking them, it is absolutely crucial that these drugs are consumed through a medical prescription. If not, bath salts can be deadly. This is especially true if these drugs are taken in combination.