There are several ways to organize kitchen shelves. Some of them are pullout shelves, a caddy, a carousel, and toe-kick drawers. These ideas are a great way to organize your kitchen shelves without taking up counter space. Pullout shelves When building pullout shelves, be sure to determine the height of your shelves, based on the […]

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There are several ways to organize kitchen shelves. Some of them are pullout shelves, a caddy, a carousel, and toe-kick drawers. These ideas are a great way to organize your kitchen shelves without taking up counter space.

Pullout shelves

When building pullout shelves, be sure to determine the height of your shelves, based on the typical foodstuffs you store. This way, you can adapt your organization system over time. If you’d like to make the back portion of your shelves out of plywood, do so, but keep in mind that the heavier piece will add to the overall weight of the structure. Instead, try using lightweight masonite, which is easy to cut to size at your local hardware store.

Pullout kitchen shelves are a great option for those who need to reach items in the back of a cabinet or drawer. With the raised edges, these shelves make it easy to reach items stored behind them. Some pullout shelves also feature a fixed shelf that can store large items, such as cooking pots and pans. Some kitchens even have a deep drawer under the cooktop for large pots. Another option is a two-tiered design that has a separate pullout for pot lids.


Caddies can make a huge difference in the way you organize your kitchen shelves. They are an easy way to keep supplies in one place and keep them within reach. Many caddies are small, making them perfect for young children. They can be used to store small items such as crayons, markers, scissors, glue sticks, and sidewalk chalk. You can also find larger ones for larger items like paint and baking supplies.

Caddies can also be used in the bathroom. In addition to storing makeup and bathroom supplies, they can also be used to hold smaller items like hair accessories. A caddy can be kept near the sink to keep everything in one place. Similarly, a caddy can be used to keep items needed to get ready for bed.


If you’re in need of more storage in your kitchen, try a carousel design. This type of shelving is ideal for narrow cabinet spaces, and its rotating design makes it easy to access storage space in hard-to-reach corners. In addition to being space-efficient, carousels are also great for storing bakeware. Several carousels can be combined to create a custom system for your kitchen.

Toe-kick drawers

Toe-kick drawers are a good idea if you’re looking to create additional storage in your kitchen. They can make finding items in the cupboard easier and are a smart way to store emergency supplies. You can even store a folding step stool in a toe-kick drawer so you can reach all of the cabinets easily.

Toe-kick drawers are a great way to organize your kitchen shelves, and they are often inexpensive. You can purchase a kit from a store and install them underneath your base cabinets. Once they’re installed, you can screw them into place. These units are convenient and functional and can be added to any cabinet system.

Stacked pan organizers

There are many ways to organize your kitchen’s shelves, from using stacked pan organizers to creating drawers. These storage solutions are great for storing pots and pans, and also double as decor. To add more storage space to your cabinets, you can also purchase expandable shelves. These shelves can be stacked and easily tucked away when not in use. Another option is an endless-change pegboard system, which is made of UV-cured maple. It can be cut to fit any size cabinet, and comes with 16 matching pegs.

For a more compact solution, you can also install a bespoke pot lid organizer on the door of your cabinet. These are also great if you don’t have a lot of space in your cabinets. For larger cookware, you can also opt for sliding shelves. Another great storage option is decorative baskets. They can store items such as mail or cookbooks. Some wired baskets can even be mounted on the walls or on the door.

Roll-out pan holder

If you’re lacking in counter space, a roll-out pan holder may be just what you need. They can span the width of your cabinet or shelf and can hold as many as 14 pans and lids, depending on their thickness. These organizers also work well in small kitchens and can fit right next to the refrigerator.

If you don’t have enough space for a pot and pan cabinet, you can also add a pot lid organizer to the back of your cabinet. This organizer will keep your pans out of the way and make them easier to access. When organizing your kitchen, prioritize what you need most. Put the items you use most often in the most accessible areas and the items you rarely use in areas that are hard to reach.

Chalkboard paint

Chalkboard paint is an excellent option for creating custom labeling space on kitchen shelves. It can also be used on cabinet doors to label the contents of cabinets. It is also a useful way to keep family schedules and grocery lists. You can also make decorative chalkboards out of picture frames or mirrors.

If you have a six-panel window, you can make it a calendar for the workweek. Each day of the week is represented by a frame, with a sixth frame reserved for magnets or notes. If you want to create a more permanent magnetic surface, you can use magnetic spray paint. Just make sure you let the paint dry between coats. You can also use a paintbrush to apply the chalkboard paint. If you prefer a smooth surface, you can also use a small foam roller.

You can purchase chalkboard paint at any home improvement store or online. However, most places will only offer black and green colors. If you can’t find the paint in your area, you can make your own by mixing latex paint with unsanded tile grout and a little bit of paint stirrer. The paint will be more durable than regular paint and will resist chipping.

Stainless steel hooks

S hooks are a great way to hang cutlery and delicate mugs. They can also be used to hang photos. This will allow you to save space on your countertop. Another way to use S hooks is to attach them to the wall. Make sure that the pipe is secure and strong enough to carry the weight of the hooks.

You can also use stainless steel pipes to organize your kitchen drawers. You can install them on the back wall of your counter or on the cabinet sides.

Clear plastic bins

Clear plastic bins are a versatile, inexpensive kitchen shelf organization solution that can increase kitchen storage space. They also offer easy visibility of the contents, which can reduce food waste and over-purchasing. These bins are stackable and easy to move from one place to another. Clear plastic bins can also be used under cabinets to extend cabinet space. Make sure to measure the space in the cabinets before you purchase a bin.

Another great kitchen shelf organization idea is using magazine holders. These can double as lid holders for food storage containers. They can also be used as shelves for other items, such as tin foil and Ziploc bags.

Peg system

Pegboards are a great way to organize your kitchen. They make organizing dishes and large drawers easy. They also look great in your kitchen. Pegboards can be made from wood and have pegs in various sizes and configurations. Some pegboards have handles so that you can hang things from them. Whether you want to use them for cooking, baking, or organizing your desk, pegboards are the answer.

Pegboards can be used to hang exercise equipment. They can hold weights, exercise bands, yoga mats, and other small tools. They also give you plenty of room to keep things in order.

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